In view of the COVID-19 outbreak, all patients can have telephone consultations by booking one on 02036 335999 or clicking here to book an e-consultation via Top Doctors. Video consultations will be available soon. My clinic is still open and I continue to see patients with no flu-like symptoms, and offer home visits if needed

Our History

The clinic started in 2005 by Dr Bushra Al-Rubeyi and in 2016 three consultants joined the practice. The clinic open Monday to Saturday 10am-7pm. The clinic is based at 130 Harley Street.

The clinic has a child-friendly environment and staffed with paediatric trained nursing staff and play specialist. All investigation is done on-site, imaging (CT, MRI) and X-ray are performed at 81 Harley Street which is a part of The Harley Street Clinic (Hospital).

Inpatient care is provided at either the paediatric department at The Harley Street or the nearby Portland Hospital for Women and Children. Both hospitals have a paediatric intensive care unit.

Our Philosophy

The children are our future and their health is the most important factor to a productive and happy future. We feel privileged that we are in the position to help our patients and parents to achieve the goal of a healthy and happy life.

Our mission is:

  • To provide the best healthcare on offer.
  • To never turn a patient down even if the clinic is fully booked.
  • To work as a team with the child’ family and carer and have an open relationship built on mutual respect, openness and clarity.
  • To make the child experience in our clinic as a positive one.
  • To communicate with parents and address their anxiety promptly.